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Getting the best terms for your commercial lease

Need help with your lease?


Our leasing and property partners Lpc Cresa are one of Australia’s leading tenant-only advisory services businesses. That means, they work exclusively for you, the tenant. Their advice is completely independent to ultimately benefit you – rather than the landlord.

Lease renewing in the next 12-18 months?

Whether you’re a new retailer starting out, or an established retail brand across multiple locations and channels, getting your leasing and property strategy right is critical to your long-term business success.

Next to wages, rent is the most significant operating cost for retailers and rental overheads have been identified as the biggest challenge keeping retailers awake at night by Inside Retail’s annual Australian Retail Outlook surveys for a number of years.

Lpc Cresa’s clients include established and growing retail brands in all major metropolitan and regional centres throughout Australia. If you have an enquiry about your lease or are looking for assistance with any of the above services, contact Lpc Cresa through the National Retail Association on 1800 738 245.

NRA members receive special rates on all services.

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The Importance of Heads of Agreement WEBINAR

What is a Heads of Agreement (HOA)? Why are they important in securing tenant-friendly terms for your premises? What are the common mistakes made and how can you avoid it? Find out in this short webinar by the experts at LPC Cresa.

Leveraging Time in Lease Negotiations WEBINAR

When should you be starting lease negotiations and why? What happens when you leave the negotiation process until the last minute? Understand why time matters in leasing negotiations and how you can use it to your advantage to get the best terms.